Confident for Summer Support and Accountability Group

When most people think of summer, they hear waves crashing, children laughing, the ice cream truck singing. They think of sunshine and green grass and swimming. 

Sadly, it took me years to think of and appreciate those beautiful things. Instead, the thought of summer brought angst and shame. I never wanted to go to public pools, I never wanted to leave my lounge chair without being covered up, I never wanted to wear shorts or tank tops. I hated my thighs and my arms and my stomach. I was always SO envious of women who would walk the beach or play volleyball in just a bathing suit (gasp!). My entire body would have to be covered BEFORE I got into a vertical position! 

I'd always wait until May or June to *try* to lose weight. Then I'd go on a crazy crash diet, exercise multiple hours a day, wallow in self-pity, then quit because I wasn't seeing results. Hence the reason I was always hiding my body and guarding my sarong like it was a diamond ring. 

As a new mom, I don’t want to feel that way this summer. And more importantly, I don’t want my daughter to ever feel that way. I want to teach her healthy behaviors from the start.

So I'm on a mission to help other women transform their minds and their bodies before summer. I want to help them gain confidence, improve their body image, and gain energy. And the only way to do that is to start now. 

Does this speak to you? 

If so, I'm accepting 5-10 women who are 100% ready to commit to making smart, healthy choices that include:

  • 30 minute or less at-home workouts (you choose the program, but I'll help you decide which one is best for you)
  • daily superfood shakes (which not only help your waistline, but will make your skin glow and give you the energy you need to rock this journey)
  • portion controlled eating (no deprivation or elimination of certain food groups)
  • me as your coach and cheerleader

If you're thinking, "I' don't have time," think again! Beachbody has numerous workout programs that are under 30 minutes (21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, T25, Insanity Max 30, 22 Minute Hard Corps). Plus they all come with super easy nutrition plans that take out the guesswork (and crazy-deprivation-crash diet behaviors)! Shakeology is a critical component and a life-saver (especially if you are a mom)!

Yes, this takes commitment and an initial financial investment. But you have to want to change MORE than you want to stay the same. Are you willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term results?

Don't wait until May or June (like I did) to start. 

Here's what the group entails: 

  • We'll tackle meal planning and healthy cooking.
  • I'll provide sample meal plans to help you plan ahead. {Because "proper planning prevents poor performance."}
  • We'll learn how to handle eating out, late night cravings, parties, and vacation.
  • I'll help you find quick, easy meals and snacks for you and your family. 
  • We'll share recipes, struggles, triumphs, laughs, and tears. 
  • I'll provide a place to stay accountable with daily check-ins, ongoing motivation, and a community of support.

The official details:

  • I am launching the Confident for Summer support and accountability group on April 25th. The group will take place in the newest Challenge Tracker app, which you will download and join through me as your coach. 
  • I will help you choose a fitness program, nutrition plan, and Shakeology flavor that meets your needs and preferences. 
  • We'll set realistic and attainable goals and then take it one day at a time in order to change old habits into new healthier ones. 

If this sounds like something you are ready to do, please complete the application below. This will help me make personalized recommendations based on your needs and wants. 

I KNOW what it's like to dread summer and as a new mom, those feelings are creeping back in. So let's do this together. Let's commit to starting now so that we can have a confident and happy summer.