Our Birth Plan

Hi friends!

Guess what? I'm 39 weeks today...eek! That means this little bundle of joy can make her appearance any day now! Unfortunately, my midwife thinks this winter bambino will take her good old time exiting the cozy haven (especially since the temps will be in the single digits over the next few days)! Brrr...

I have to admit that it's bittersweet. While I'm enjoying having this little girl all to myself, I've reached the uncomfortable stage and I'm ready to get her out! But I've been blessed with a very healthy pregnancy and I'll let her stay in there for as long as she wishes. 

As promised, I'm sharing my birth plan today! 

If you read my previous post, you know that Sean and I invested a LOT of time and money into this magical event! We attended 20+ hours of classes, read several books, and hired a Doula to help us physically and mentally prepare for the arrival of our first child. So needless to say, we didn't write this birth plan on a whim! 

I KNOW things may not go as planned, but we are aware of our options and prepared to handle any curveballs thrown our way. 

A few notes:

  • I am planning on avoiding all medications. 
  • I am encapsulating my placenta (read why here).
  • My Doula is creating a zen atmosphere with aromatherapy and dimmed lights.
  • We have our music playlists created and our Bose speaker fully charged and ready to go!
  • Midwives actually promote eating and drinking during labor, so our healthy snacks are packed!
  • I tested negative for Group B Strep, so I don't need antibiotics (yay!). Since I'm declining all IV fluids in favor of eating and drinking, I'm also declining the hep-lock in my arm (it will just freak me out and I don't want it). 

I'm actually pretty excited for labor and delivery. I feel confident and know that I have the best supports to guide me through the process (Sean, our Doula, and our midwives). 

So here is our plan:

Download the file here. 

Of course, I'll give you an update on how things actually went after the birth! So stay tuned for that post!

Stay warm!