Mom Tip Monday: Newborn Sleep Secret

Alright friends, here is my secret to sleep success! 

After weeks of 1 to 2 hour wake-ups, we've found the secret sauce. This combination literally changed our lives and I plan on buying these two items for every future baby shower I attend! 

1. Let's start with the beloved Woombie. 
I admit defeat. Swaddling is probably THE hardest part of parenting! No matter how many classes I took or YouTube videos I watched, I could NOT master it. I would literally cry while trying swaddle London because she immediately broke free. I thought, "maybe she doesn't like to be swaddled because she always has her hands near her face." But then I read that those movements are involuntary. She needed to be swaddled. 

So I bought almost EVERY swaddle blanket, wrap, and sack on the market. Every day, I'd buy a new one. It was so bad that Sean threatened to ban me from online shopping and change our PayPal password. ;) 

But then I found the Woombie and life was changed. No origami, velcro, extra fabric, or stress. Just zip it up. It's snug around their arms and torso, but loose around their legs (so there's no hip issues). Buy one right now. 

2. Fisher Price Rock n' Play
I originally choose the expensive Halo Swivel Bassinet over the Rock n' Play (RnP) and that was a rookie mistake. I haven't talked to one mom whose baby likes the bassinet. After several friends reached out and raved about the RnP, I immediately ran to Target and bought one. That night, she slept for 5.5 straight hours. It was a miracle! 

My pediatrician cautioned against the RnP and suggested I train her to like the bassinet. That lasted a few nights. She never fell into a deep sleep in the bassinet. She rolled around, grunted, and cried the entire time. But in the RnP, she doesn't make a peep and consistently sleeps for long stretches. Maybe it's Fisher Price voodoo. Whatever the heck it is, it works. So get one. 

{I plan on transitioning her to her crib in a month or so (once she's out of the 4th trimester). But for now, life is grand.}

I also have a nightly routine where I give her an infant massage, change her clothes, put her in her Woombie, tell her it's time for bed, then feed her. But the true MAGIC is in the Woombie + RnP combo! ;) 

I hope these things work for you!

Sweet baby dreams. xoxo