Sean's 3-Day Refresh Adventure!

Hello readers!

Have you heard of pregnancy sympathy weight? It's a real thing and Sean can vouch for it! 

Over the past few years, Sean and I have each lost over 60 pounds from good old fashion exercise and proper nutrition. We know what it takes to stay in check and bounce back after a celebratory weekend or holiday. But since I've gotten pregnant, Sean also believes that he should be consuming an extra 300 calories a day (or more)! So when his pants started to get a little snug, he decided to do the 3-Day Refresh. 

I did it last year and knew what it entailed, so I asked him a hundred times if he really wanted to do it. He was determined, so we ordered it. Since I'm growing a human from scratch, I couldn't join him. But I was there for moral support! ;)

His and her bumps 

His and her bumps 

Here's what he ate each day:

32 oz of water upon waking
Vegan Chocoloate Shakeology + water + ice (blended)
1/2 banana

Fiber Sweep (mixed with water)

Vanilla Fresh Shake + water + ice (blended)
Red Pepper


Vanilla Fresh Shake + water + ice (blended)
Spinach Salad (with cucumbers, tomato, bell pepper, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil)

Herbal tea and about a gallon of water throughout the day.

*You can vary the fruit, lunch, snack, and dinner options, but Sean kept it simple and stuck with the same foods for all 3 days. 

How he felt:

Day 1: He struggled through day for sure! He had a headache (from no caffeine), was extra tired, and "hangry." He described day 1 as "awful" and felt like he was "a prisoner in Auschwitz." 

Day 2: He felt better! The headache was gone, he had more energy, and was actually full!

Day 3: He felt "great!" Yippee!

I'm also proud of him for resisting so many temptations at work: donuts, Mexican, and pizza! That seriously deserves a reward! 

The outcome:

He lost 4 pounds and 2 inches from his belly in 3 days! This is without any exercise at all. 

He said he would definitely do it again, so that speaks for itself! 

Contact me for more details! 

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