Quick Tips for Eating Healthy While Dining Out

Hey there! 

One of the most common questions I get is: "how do I stay on track while eating out?" 

Dining Out Tips Final.jpg

Here are my quick tips:

1. Don’t Go When Famished! When you are ridiculously hungry and your stomach is growling, you will most likely eat whatever the heck you want...and then regret it later! So if it can be avoided, don’t go to a restaurant when you are starving! Have a snack (or Shakeology) before you go! 

2. Say NO to the Bread, Chips, and Biscuits: One breadstick at the Olive Garden is 140 calories and you never eat just one. Those biscuits at Red Lobster are 160 and tons of fat. Skip them and ask the waiter not to bring them or take them away.

3. Dip Don’t Pour: Take the tines of your fork, dip them into the dressing, then your salad. You will get all the flavor, but half the calories and fat. Restaurants typically give a double serving of dressing, so always ask for it on the side, and avoid pouring it over your fresh greens. 

4. Ask for Modifications: Don’t be afraid to ask how something is prepared. Ask for veggies to be steamed, for sauce on the side, for the protein to be grilled instead of fried. 

5. Do your Homework: Always look at the menu before heading to a restaurant. Mentally commit to a healthy option and look at the nutrition information if it’s available. 

Remember that moderation is key! If there's something you REALLY want, then have it. But then skip the alcohol and/or dessert! 

Happy Eating!