Who wants a nice booty?! 🙋🏻

I’ve always had a lot of junk in the trunk, but it wasn’t until recently that I toned up that rump! No more saggy overhang for this bum! 🍑

And maybe I’m crazy, but I swear breastfeeding made my butt flat and flabby! It’s been a long road to get this thing toned and lifted! Any other BF mamas experience that?!

But get this: my hubby recently told me that he liked my butt bigger. LOL! Too bad, dear! This butt is now a masterpiece that’s staying as it is! 😂

Here are a few exercises from today’s barre legs workout - one of my all-time FAVS! Give it a try and feel the burn in the booty and hammies! 🔥

I love that I get to do all different types of workouts at home - that I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars every month on a barre class membership or a yoga studio membership…or get bored with the same repetitive shiz every day!

My “Netflix of workouts” app is where it’s at, ladies! This body wasn’t made in a gym, it was made in by basement WHILE holding my very dramatic daughter! 🙈

If you want to drink the Kool-Aid and get your ideal body at home with a variety of exercises that don’t bore you to death, complete this form and I’ll be in touch! I have a few spots left in my next virtual fit club! http://bit.ly/RockTheMomBod