Toddler Tantrums


Her toddler tantrums may be driving me completely bonkers, but I'll never grow tired of these moments together. 💗

I stayed up until 3 AM working, slept in my makeup, and am on my 2nd cup of coffee. (I seriously need a hot mess emoji here- a girl with messed up hair and smeared makeup 😂)!

But if that's what it takes for me to be at home with her, to share every meal with her, to witness every aha moment in her little brain, then it's worth it. I'll do whatever it takes.

I WANT to work and I NEED to work (I was born with a champagne taste to a family on a beer budget- but I'm breaking the chains and changing that. 😉) So being able to do it on MY terms is the greatest blessing.

I talk to a lot of ladies who want to do what I do, but they let fear and excuses hold them back. And it's hard for me to find the words to say to them because I'm just a no-excuses, get shiz done kinda gal. I shoot then aim. I don't overanalyze. I just take action.

Because I KNOW that at this very moment, every one of us CAN change our lives. There never was a moment and there will never be a moment that we are without the power to change our destiny. We are one decision away from whatever we want.

So my advice ladies: just go for whatever is on your heart. Take action and figure out the rest later.