Core on the Floor

Okay, ladies! I have another full-body challenge for you! And let’s be real, these exercises are too fun not to try! You know you wanna!

Tag a girlfriend below and challenge her to this workout! Do 15 reps of each!

Bonus points if your toddler hits you with a doll, toy, or maraca! Ouch! #momlife The worst part is she thinks it’s hilarious to hit me with stuff, regardless of whether I get mad, sad, or shocked. I clearly need to work on my discipline skills! 🙈😭 (Thanks to the ladies who gave me tips in my video earlier today! 😘)

And if you want access to the full workouts I do as well as the meal plans I follow, I have a few spots left in my next virtual fit club! Give me a month and I can have you feeling like an entirely NEW woman (while STILL enjoying the fall treats! This is all about balance, gals! It’s NOT about deprivation or extremes).

If you’re interested, please complete this form and I’ll be in touch >>> Our prep week begins on Monday! Hope to see you there! 👯👯