✨ Get out of the SHOULD and live in the COULD.✨

✨ Get out of the SHOULD and live in the COULD.✨

I heard that phrase on a tv show the other night and was like, “heck yeah!!! Sean, pause it so I can write that down!” Haha!


Today I woke up early, made a dent in my inboxes (hella messages from motivated women ready to get healthy and happy) - which by the way is SO refreshing compared to getting the mundane and borderline nasty emails from administrators and parents! {Teachers, you know what I mean! 😉 }

And now I’m unplugging to spend the day with my #1 bestie!

💗 We’re going to get my new license picture (since it expired like 2 months ago and I’m finally getting my shiz together! And let’s be real- I’m not motivated to get it so I can drive in accordance with the law, I’m motivated by the fact that I haven’t been able to purchase wine with an expired license! 😂🍷)

💗 Shopping for our trip to London and Glasgow next month to meet our founding UK coaches!

💗 Lunching somewhere fun!

💗 Stopping at a bookstore to buy more books for London D!

This sure beats sitting at work, staring at the clock, counting down the minutes until the weekend can START! 💃🏻

I could’ve stayed in the “should” and kept teaching because that’s what society expected me to do. The career path I spent yeeeeaaars working on - getting a bachelor’s, master’s, and {almost- still working on it} doctorate degree! 🙈

But instead, I allowed myself to live in the “could.” I imagined what it would be like to have these kinds of days - free to do whatever I wanted without having to call in sick or stress about “wasting” one of my coveted vacation days.

My life is exponentially better in every way (physically, emotionally, and financially) because I decided to live in the COULD. ✨

So to my fellow ladies who are curious about doing what I do, I have an obligation-free info group starting on Monday! I’ll be sharing all the details of how I’ve built a 6-figure income by:

  • working out at home
  • sharing my journey on social media
  • helping other ladies get healthy and happy
  • mentoring women who want to do what I do

If that sounds like something you’d like to explore, join me to learn ALL the details and then decide if the coach life is for you!

Join here >>> http://budurl.com/GlimpseIntoCoachLife

P.S. No special bodies, degrees, or experience necessary. What I do REQUIRE is that you’re a no-excuses, get shiz done, dream big, feel like you’re made for more, have a heart for helping others gal!

If you meet that criteria, I can teach you everything I know! Hope to see you there!