P90X Preview

Today’s workout motivation is brought to you by….

my overwhelming excitement for fried chicken and curly fries tonight!!! 🍗😆

We’re hitting up a cute little local restaurant that has the BEST guilty pleasures!

So instead of skipping my workout (like the old Ashly would’ve done), I got it done to balance out the treats I’m going to be thoroughly enjoying later today! 😉

Plus, I actually had a lot of fun doing these moves! They’re different and challenging in new ways! Waaaaay better than boring myself to death on the elliptical!

I used a 5 lb dumbbell, but you can use anything that’s relatively light! A ball, bottle of wine, whatever you can find! 🍾😂

Do each one for 1 minute then repeat the circuit from the start!

👉🏼👉🏼What are you having for dinner tonight? A treat or healthy meal?! Do tell!

{And p.s. my new virtual fit club starts on Monday! If you want to join us, fill out this app and I'll be in touch >>> http://bit.ly/RockTheMomBod}}

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