3 Exercises You Can Do With Baby On The Floor

Hey mamas! Hanging out on the floor with your little one tonight? Here are 3 exercises you can do…while they climb all over you!

And here’s some truth for you: I am the WORST at push ups! 🙈 I have zero upper body strength, but I seriously have the leg strength of the world’s strongest man! Lol! Anyone else relate?!

So I’m really working hard on my push ups! Having my daughter underneath me helped because:
(1) I couldn’t flop down like I normally do (I’m usually a sloppy mess)
(2) she gave me a target to reach (because I’m totally guilty of bending my elbows a teeny tiny bit and calling that a push up! 😂)

I’m determined to not feel completely defeated every time I do push ups! It may take me a year, but I’m going to get there! 💪🏼

Are you an upper body or lower body powerhouse?!

Ashly LocklinComment