My husband literally said this to me...


My husband literally said this to me: “Don’t act excited that it’s Friday. Every day is a Friday for you.” 😑

Hmmm jealous much?! 😂

LOL! But in all seriousness, I’m happy that it’s Friday for HIM! That HE gets to see all those little moments of London’s day that he misses during the workweek. ❤️She changes and learns new things every day and I kinda feel bad that I get to witness those moments and he doesn’t. {But not bad enough to switch spots! 😉}

But let me be honest with you, I don’t give him nearly as much attention now that London’s here. 🙈 Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spending time with him. We’ve always been a great match for each other and never get sick of spending time together.

BUT he totally got booted to the back seat when London entered the world. For the past year and a half, I’ve given him like 1 hour of my attention a day (sometimes less!)! 😳

So I’m trying to be very intentional with giving him more of my time and attention!

And I’m also working super hard to retire him soon so that he can join my business and be at home with us! That is something we NEVER thought possible, but sometimes things come into your life at just the RIGHT moment. ✨ And this lifestyle coaching gig has been the biggest blessing to our family. THAT is why I’m so passionate about sharing it with other women and teaching them how to create this beautiful life and future! 👭👭👭

One day soon, Sean will get to be around me 24 hours a day, every day! And then he might want to kill me! 🔪😂

👉🏼Fellow moms, did your husbands get NO love after your little one was born? Please tell me I’m not the only wife who's guilty of this! 🙈

👉🏼And do you think you could work at home with your spouse?! Or would you kill each other!