Strawberry Banana Pineapple Superfoods Today

🍗Fried chicken and curly fries last night
🌱Strawberry banana pineapple superfoods today

I addressed the "weekend struggle" today in a few of my virtual fit clubs because it's something we all face!


How many of you struggle with this? You're on point all week and then the weekend rolls around and bam! Treats galore! Then you wake up feeling defeated and blah on Monday morning! 😭Right back to where you started?

I'm all about ENJOYING life, so my tip is to have that treat you want, then MOVE ON afterwards! Don't make the entire weekend a bingefest! But don't deprive yourself so much that you are miserable and can't wait to be "done" with your "diet!" Diets don't work. Developing a lifestyle with balance does! ⚖️

I LOVE this analogy:
If you got a flat tire, you wouldn't slash the remaining three! Would you?! 🔪 No! 😂

So apply that same principle to your nutrition! If you indulge in one meal, make the next three better. Don't go balls to the walls with treats just because you had one!

I indulged last night and instead of waking up and eating donuts, I made my superfood shake (which also replaces my prenatal vitamin & probiotic and has 70 whole superfoods in it 🌱) and now I feel AH-MAZING!

No guilt over last night! And I feel ready to conquer the day! We're headed to an amusement park today...and I know that if I would've had donuts, I'd be feeling less than spectacular walking around in the 80 degree heat!

So I hope this helps you this weekend!

And tell me: do you struggle with this?! Do you go waaaay overboard on the weekends? Or are you pretty good with your choices?