Monday Vibes #3: Meals, Mindset, & Movement

Happppy Monday! 

I'm keeping this post short today because baby girl has a runny nose and mama has a big week of slaying ahead of her! {See this week's mindset slogan below. ;) }


Here's what I'm eating this week:

Dinner recipes (ALL will be tweaked to be made HEALTHIER {no butter, no sour cream, half the cheese, coconut milk instead of cream, brown rice instead of white, etc.}). Click on the links below to see the recipes!





I'm in week 6 of Insanity Max:30! I was on the STRUGGLE bus last week. Month two is HARD. My body was TIRED and SORE every damn day. My legs felt like lead. I could barely move my arms or hold my daughter. So let's see how this week goes! Send me all your good strength vibes! ;)

Wishing you a fantastic week filled with good food, strong wine, and hella happiness!