Ultimate Reset: Day 1

Day 1: It's going DOWN for real! 

You guys!!! Day 1 is DONE! Hip hip hooray! Only 20 more days to go! 

I honestly believe the first day of anything is the hardest - it's the fear, the unknown, the uncertainty. But I'm proud to announce that we survived the first day of the Ultimate Reset! 

I'm not going to sugar coat it and tell you how it wasn't that bad, because it sucked. I think these two quotes from my hubby summarize the day:
-Quote #1: (said while eating dry toast and steamed kale for breakfast): "Now I see why people lose weight on this. The food is so awful you just don't want to eat." 
-Quote #2: (said while eating plain potatoes for dinner): "I mean this isn't so bad. It's basically what we normally cook, just void of any and all flavor." 

So why are we subjecting ourselves to this? 
Bottom line, we need it. We were indulging in too much coffee, too much wine, too many sweet treats, too many fried foods. The cravings were getting out of control. We were both relying on a lot of caffeine and eating too many processed foods. 

Another main reason is that we're going to the Dominican Republic in 3 weeks, so this is the perfect time to dial in our nutrition and stay focused. I don't know if I could complete this if we didn't have that vacation coming up! It's surely a driving factor! 

And this may sound completely superficial, but I've promised to be open and real: cellulite! Yes, I've lost a lot of weight. BUT my thighs and butt are sooo dimply. I know that toxins play a huge role in the appearance of cellulite, so I'm hoping this cleanse will have my skin looking smoother! 

What is the Ultimate Reset?
It's a 3 week cleanse that resets your system. You gradually phase out animal proteins, dairy, and grains over 21 days while taking a combination of supplements to assist in the detox process. You get to eat 3 meals + a snack each day, so it's definitely not a deprivation diet. 

Is it safe for breastfeeding?
Another coach on my team reached out to the creator of the Ultimate Reset for advice on this. While YOU must determine if this is right for you, yes it is safe. However, there are some modifications that need to be made. First, eat more calories to maintain your supply. Second, DON'T use the Detox supplement in week 2 (I'll explain more on this next week)! 

Yes, I am breastfeeding and maintaining my supply is my #1 priority. I would never do anything to compromise that. I'm eating bigger portions, allowing myself a 2nd snack from the approved list IF I feel I need it, and adding a banana and natural peanut butter to my Shakeology each day. So far, so good! 

How'd the first day go?
The mental component is the hardest, am I right? I always feel really sad when I follow a specific meal plan. I like being able to eat what I want, when I want. So having to adhere to a strict schedule definitely makes me feel down and blah. I felt really mopy all day long and I know it's due to my lack of choice and freedom. That coupled with the ridiculously dreary weather here in Pennsylvania made the day even more challenging.  BUT I know that I'll adjust to this temporary schedule, so I just need to see it through!

The hubby and I both had a headache all day from the caffeine withdrawal. It reminded me of the last time I gave up coffee- when I got pregnant! And all day I kept wondering how I went 10 months without that liquid energy! Lol! 

Sean literally asked if we could quit and order pizza 6 times before noon! LOL! But the kits come with these bracelets to remind you of your commitment, so we put them on and were that cheesy couple! 

We were also freezing! The Ultimate Reset guide warned that this might happen! We cranked up the heat and bundled up...and our poor baby girl was so sweaty from the unusually high temperature in our home! 

Another challenge is the timing! You have to take the supplements (which I'll explain more about as we go) 30 minutes before a meal. After that, you can't drink anything until 30 minutes after eating. This is because liquid dilutes the digestive juices and enzymes. So for optimal digestion, don't drink anything with your meal or 30 minutes after. 

Then you have to wait 2 hours before you take your next batch of supplements and wait another 30 minutes before you eat. I found myself fixating on the clock and counting down the minutes before I could drink my water and eat again! 

On the bright side, I wasn't very hungry. I'll take that win any day! 

What the day looked like:

First thing: drink 24 oz water with Mineralize and Optimize supplements

30 minutes later: Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs, generous portion of steamed kale, whole grain toast
{{Thoughts: I don't know if I can trust someone who likes plain steamed kale! And dry toast. Ughhh such a downer!}}


2 hours later: Mineralize and Optimize supplements
30 minutes later: Lunch - Miso Soup and Microgreen Salad with Miso Sesame Dressing
{{Thoughts: Okay, this is something I can get down with. The dressing was amazing and the salad was filling!}}


2 hours later: Power Greens powder with water

30 minutes later: Snack - Vegan Chocolate Shakeology + banana + peanut butter
{{LIFESAVER! This seriously turned my day around and put some spring in my step!}}


2 hours later: Mineralize, Optimize, Soothe supplements
30 minutes later: Dinner - baked chicken with herbs, baby potatoes, asparagus
{{Thoughts: Not too bad! Definitely lacked flavor. Like who willingly eats PLAIN potatoes?! But I couldn't even finish this plate of food, so I'm definitely not starving!}}


I drank an entire gallon of water today plus a few glasses- this will also help keep my milk supply strong! 
I drank herbal lemon ginger tea after dinner and that {somewhat} satisfied my nightly sweets craving. 

Okay that about summarizes day 1. I'm so tired, I'm literally falling asleep while writing this. I have some messages to respond to and then I'm off to bed! Tomorrow is another day of "resetting." 

Stay tuned for the deets! 

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