The Month of FITMAS! 3 Free Ways to Stay Fit!


Welcome to the season of FITmas!

I have three FREE opportunities for you to keep it holly, jolly, and TIGHT this month! 

The average person gains 7-10 lbs during the holiday season, yikes! That was totally me...every year for like 30 years! Luckily, I took control and learned how to rock around that Christmas tree while staying toned and happy!

So I have a few ways for you to stay active and beat the holiday bulge WITH me! 

1. 12 Days of FITmas Daily Workout

Each day I have a new exercise for you to incorporate into your day! We'll be doing each one for 60 seconds. So you'll spend 1 minute on day 1 and 12 minutes on day 12! Totally doable, right?!

I'll be going LIVE on my FB page each day to do these with you! Join me here!

Post a selfie during or after your exercise in the comments of my video each day for some accountability!

12 _days_of_fitmas_daily_workout.jpg

2. 7 Days of FITmas Challenge

This is for those who are SERIOUS about jumpstarting some YEAR END resolutions! Join me in a private group for 30 minute workouts that will sculpt your entire body!

Find all the details here!


3. 25 Days of FITmas Photo Challenge

Need something fun to keep you on track? There's nothing better than public accountability! Use these hashtags each day along with a picture of you maintaining that healthy lifestyle!


I'll be looking for your sweaty selfies!

Are you IN?

Can't wait to spend the month with you!