Rockin' Body Workout

Not Yo’ Momma’s Workout! 😉

I was lacking motivation today, so I put on my Beyonce shirt, danced around, then got to werrrrk. 💃🏻

And as soon as I started, London joined right in. We laughed and played and had so much fun. I kept thinking, “gosh, I will never take these sweet moments for granted.” ❤️

I always laugh when people tell me they do 500 sit ups a day because I’m like, “you know there are better ways to work your abs, right?!”

So here are 8 exercises to get a rockin’ body…and have fun with your baby!

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Do each exercise for 60 seconds (on each side when applicable)! 🔥

And of course, warm up with a little dance party…duh! Embrace your inner Beyonce, gals!

Bonus: challenge a friend to this workout and swap sweaty selfies afterwards OR drop your sweaty selfie below for some LOVE! ❤️ 😌

  1. Bridge Lift - Leg Extension
  2. Speed Bag - Flutter
  3. Ankle Taps
  4. Crunch - Punch - Kick
  5. Figure Four Crunch
  6. Down Dog - Shin Tap
  7. Forearm Plank Jack - Oblique Crunch
  8. Bird Dog Lifts