Anytime we go anywhere...


...she INSISTS on playing in the driver's seat first! 🙈 Anyone else's little one love to drive?! 😂

My hubby's birthday is tomorrow so London and I are taking a few hours "off work" to get him some treats! 🍬🍣🧀

We don't buy gifts for each other because we prefer to spend our money on experiences (like our two upcoming European adventures) instead of material crap we don't NEED.

And we're dead set on doing the same with London! Rather than fill our house with toys she doesn't use, we are selective in what we buy and have some amazing things planned for her birthday instead (like a trip to Disney 🎉)!

Buuut since we ALL love food, we're spoiling Sean with all his favorite snacks and ordering his favorite dinner tomorrow! 😉 That is our little family tradition! (And I get to eat his treats too! 😍)

Do you have any fun birthday traditions?