Happy Birthday To My Dear Hubby!


Can you help me give him some love today? He sure deserves it!

Here are some fun facts in honor of his special day:

❀ I'm only 3 months older than Sean, yet he calls me his "cougar"πŸ˜‚

❀ We've been together for almost 12 years now 😍

❀ He is basically a saint! He puts up with a LOT of my crap! I take all my frustration and stress out on him and he just laughs it off and knows exactly what to do to calm me down.

❀ London is basically his twin. I carried her and birthed her, but she has ALL his features! She is 99% Sean, 1% me. And that 1% is my feisty attitude. {Poor Sean, he's in for some trouble in her teenage years!}

❀ He is a child at heart and that's one of my favorite things about him. He loves life and being silly and laughing. He hates dramas and loves comedies.

❀ He is an amazing dad...but he refused to cut the cord when London was born because he was grossed out! HA!

❀ He does the majority of the housework...he is usually the one who does the laundry, cleans up after dinner, tidies up the clutter. Yep, dream husband! (Good news - he has 2 single brothers if you're looking for someone! πŸ˜‰)

❀ He taught me how to code (basic skills I use on my website), how to use Photoshop, how rock SEO and so much more.

❀ He is the one who introduced me to travel. I was TERRIFIED of leaving the country when we met, but he took me around the world, kept me safe, and planted that wanderlust seed in my heart. Now it's our passion! ✈️

❀ We could spend every second of every day together and never get sick of each other. I know God sent him to me and has magnificent plans for us.