6 Weeks of THE WORK...ready to level up?


Ready to level UP?

Then join me for 6 Weeks of THE WORK! We can be scared together! Lol! 🙈😂

I originally planned on sitting this one out because I thought it'd be too challenging, but then a few things happened:

  1. I saw the trainer 🔥😍 and learned his story…and got inspired as AF

  2. I realized that I'm ready to drop the rest of my baby weight and tone it UP!

So whaddya think? You up for a challenge? Ready to get STRONG with me?

What is 6 Weeks of THE WORK?

It’s six weeks of HARD workouts designed by Amoila Cesar, one of the world’s most sought-after

trainers in professional sports, to help you gain muscle, torch fat, and get in the best shape of your life.

His job is to make sure his professional athletes and celebrity clients are in peak physical condition, so the program is LEGIT!

Hear his INSPIRING story and fall in love with him too! Get your tissues ready, though!

It focuses on six training elements:

  1. strength

  2. hypertrophy

  3. endurance

  4. power

  5. agility

  6. mobility

There are 36 unique workouts packed with challenging compound lifts, agility drills, cardio exercises, and mobility moves. Each workout is approximately 45 minutes long. There are 5 challenging workouts along with 1 active repair day and 1 rest day each week. The intensity and complexity is cranked up as the weeks progress, so there won’t be any boredom or plateaus!

*BLEEP* Warning: Explicit Language! Amoila and the cast go hard every single day and that kind of intensity results in some colorful language from time to time. 😉 Don’t worry, if your kids around and you don’t want to hear explicit language, there is a clean version of each workout!


Who is Amoila Cesar?

Amoila Cesar is a NASM and NCCPT certified personal trainer with clients ranging from pro-athletes to celebrities to regular, everyday people. He received his bachelor’s degree in exercise science with a minor in psychology from the University of Central Florida and is best known for his work with NBA athletes. He was handpicked to create 6 Weeks of THE WORK because of his intense training regimens, the results he’s achieved with his clients, and his motivating, tough-love workout style.

When will it be Available?

It will only be available to those who purchase VIP early access (packages listed below) starting on September 30, 2019. So if you are a current Beachbody On Demand member, you will need to purchase VIP access in order to add this program to your library. It will be available to all BOD members in the Spring of 2020.


As always, I will be hosting a virtual fit club (or an online accountability group) to motivate and support all the women who join me! We'll create a little community and cheer each other on. It's just amazing and so effective!

The groups are done in a private app, which allows you to log your workout and superfood shake each day, upload your progress photos, and track your measurements. So everything is done in one place and I can see what you are logging and keep you accountable and on track!


I post every day (a fitness tip, wellness tip, recipes, motivation, etc.) and a daily "assignment" (ex. set a goal for the week, share a success, etc.). So in addition to the fitness component, we dig deep and work on the emotional aspects of the transformation too. We all support each other and cheer one another on, so there's a great community and friendship aspect as well! The group and my 1:1 support is free. You just purchase your 6 Weeks of THE WORK package through me!

DO I REALLY NEED SHAKEOLOGY or those other things?

How could you resist healthy treats like Shakeology Unicorn Bark?

How could you resist healthy treats like Shakeology Unicorn Bark?

Shakeology is required but the other supplements are optional, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I have been using ALL of them for the past few years (while pregnant and breastfeeding!) If you want the best results, go ALL IN!


Shakeology- pretty.jpg

>>>SHAKEOLOGY is a superfood powerhouse designed to deliver your entire day's worth of nutrients! It's made from over 70 whole superfoods from around the world and will replace a meal, vitamin, and probiotic each day! It will give you a natural energy boost, lower your cholesterol, reduce blood sugar levels, curb cravings, keep you full, AND improve your hair, skin, nails, and digestion (aka keep you regular)!


>>>ENERGIZE is the pretty drink that gives me LIFE! I call it my "mommy juice" or "parent power punch" because it is AH-MAZING! It gives me a great little energy boost without the jitters! It comes in Lemon or Fruit Punch and is literally one of the main highlights of my day! I drink it 30 minutes before my workout (as I nurse my baby) and then I'm ready to dominate those "badass jumps!"


>>>HYDRATE is an all-natural form of Gatorade! It's perfect for replacing electrolytes during a tough workout...and it doesn't have any artificial crap in it! As a breastfeeding mom, this is must-have for my supply! I drink it during the workout.

Beachbody-Recover.Pomegranate-Extract.HEADER-715x358 (1).jpg

>>>RECOVER is the post workout drink that prevents your muscles from getting sore. It replenishes what you lost and helps to rebuild and repair your muscles so you aren't too sore to press play the next day! Plus the chocolate tastes like a Wendy's Frosty and the orange tastes like a Creamsicle and is freaking delicious! I made the mistake of NOT drinking it after leg day one week and literally couldn't walk for a few days! My booty has never been so sore!

power greens.jpg

>>>POWER GREENS is made from cucumber, kale, celery, matcha, spinach, and chlorella (a form of algae) {YUM! lol}. Each serving has the equivalent to one cup of green veggies — with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. I really struggle to get all my veggies in, so this is a great way to sneak more in without having to chomp them down! I add a scoop to my Shakeology and can't even taste it! I mean it does give it a slightly earthy flavor, but it doesn't change the whole flavor profile and make you gag! I use this EVERY day and it's part of the "Jericho pack" below because she loves it too! And I'm like: I'll take whatever Jericho's having if it gives me that hair!

>>>>BEACHBAR is it bad that I sometimes eat two of these a day?! Lol! I'm obsessed! I always have one at night as my "dessert" because it's something I can eat to satisfy my sweet tooth without feeling guilty! And sometimes I'll have one as an afternoon snack...because hey, it has protein! ;) They come in Peanut Butter Chocolate and Chocolate Cherry Almond.


We have different options depending on whether you are a NEW customer or a CURRENT customer! Read on!

promo code sale.jpg

New customers, choose from these options (deduct $20 from the prices you see because you’ll get a special promo code from me!):


Current customers who DO have Beachbody On Demand, choose from these options (deduct $10 from the price you see because you’ll get a special promo code from me!):

Get 20% OFF this equipment add-on when you purchase your package!  $83.80 USD, $103 CAD, £83.80 GBP with discount

Get 20% OFF this equipment add-on when you purchase your package!

$83.80 USD, $103 CAD, £83.80 GBP with discount

What equipment is needed?

  • A set of light, medium, and heavy dumbbells (buy at Target, Walmart, or Amazon)

  • Strength Sliders

  • Resistance Bands

  • Chin Up Bar (optional- modifications are provided for those without a Chin Up Bar)

Options for Purchasing Equipment

RECOMMENDED: 6 Weeks of THE WORK Equipment ADD-ON (pictured above! comes with Sliders, Booties, Resistance Bands, Chin Up Bar) - Get 20% OFF when you purchase your package - making it $83.80 USD, $103 CAD, £83.80 GBP

OR…purchase what you need separately

Strength Sliders and Booties $29.95, $36.95 CAD, £29.95 GBP

Strength Sliders and Booties $29.95, $36.95 CAD, £29.95 GBP

Chin Up Bar $59.85 USD, $73.85 CAD, £59.84

Chin Up Bar $59.85 USD, $73.85 CAD, £59.84

Resistance Bands $14.95 USD, $17.95 CAD, £14.95 GBP

Resistance Bands $14.95 USD, $17.95 CAD, £14.95 GBP

Colored Containers for Food $9.95 USD, $11.95 CAD, £9.95 GBP

Colored Containers for Food $9.95 USD, $11.95 CAD, £9.95 GBP

Containers for Food, Sliders, Bands $59.95 USD, $73.85 CAD, £59.95 GBP - BEST VALUE without Chin Up Bar (Ignore the 80 Day Obsession book for now! )

Containers for Food, Sliders, Bands $59.95 USD, $73.85 CAD, £59.95 GBP - BEST VALUE without Chin Up Bar (Ignore the 80 Day Obsession book for now!)


And I'll email you to talk about your goals!

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