21 Day Fix - Cardio Fix: 5 Moves For Monday

Before I share the moves with you, I have to share something I was thinking about during today’s workout!

You know who I’m pretty darn proud of?! ME! Lol! 😂

I used to “diet” (yuck, HATE that word now) and exercise from June 1st to August 31st. The rest of the year was a constant bingefest (with the exception of my failed New Year’s Resolution attempts)! 🙈

I only wanted to look and feel good in the summer when I had to wear a bathing suit!

I’d wait until June to start anything. Try crazy diets and bore myself to death on the treadmill. I can’t even tell you how many times I lost and gained the SAME 10 lbs over the course of those summers! 😭

Then when September 1st hit, I was like “PHEW” and breathed the biggest sigh of relief! It was finally time to hide my body in baggy sweaters and coats! Do you relate?!

But here we are in September, I’m 10 lbs below my goal weight, and I’m choosing to exercise! 💃🏻

I’ve learned that summer bodies are made in the winter! But more importantly, I’ve learned that I LOVE how I FEEL when I take care of myself. ❤

It’s not about how I look at this point, it’s about the energy and confidence I have!

So if you relate to my past struggles, I can show you the way to change and get the results and mindset I now have! Share your goals with me here and I’ll be in touch --- http://bit.ly/RockTheMomBod

And without further ado, here are 5 exercises that will tone you in all the right places! Do each one for 60 seconds then repeat the circuit from the start!