One of the Best Times of the Day

One of the best times of the day: London’s nap time! Moms, don’t lie! You love nap time too! 😉


My daily nap time hustle looks like this:

  • London sleeps and nurses on my lap
  • I chug my superfoods
  • I respond to messages like a madwoman
  • Then I record videos with the sweet sound of lullabies in the background #ambience 😂

I’ve been totally selfish and never took the time to let London get used to her crib because:

  1. If she sleeps for 2 hours on my boob, that’s 2 hours of work I can get done! If I try to put her in her crib, that’s a 2 hour cry battle that I just don’t have time for! 🙈
  2. I like having her close by and cuddling her as I work! ❤️

I know, I know! Not the best habits! No judgement, please!

But I’m thinking of turning her crib into a toddler bed this week to see if she likes that better!

She’ll still sleep with me at night (attachment issues!), but I think I’m going to try to get her to nap in her bed during the day!

Moms, when did you convert to a toddler bed? Think I can pull this off?! I'll probably have to lay in there with her!