Sunday Gratitude & Wanderlust

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." ✈️😉 - Susan Sontag

Sunday morning wanderlusting is in full effect as we put some final touches our next big trip! I'll be sharing the destinations soon, so stay tuned! Any guesses on where we're headed?!

I pulled an all-nighter last night, so it's a straight coffee and plant-based energy drink kinda day! 😂 I haven't stayed up like that since I was in college, but when creativity strikes, you run with it! 💃🏻

I have two BIG speaking engagements this week and I have to bring it! Plus I'm working hard on my new weekly email series (and trying to make sure it doesn't end up in that darn "promotions" tab 😤). If you want on my list, drop your email below and I'll add you (or email me at!

To think that I talked myself out of this coaching gig for months blows my mind! 🙈 I've never used my education and creativity (the two things that kept me at my regular old job) like I do now! I started this lifestyle coaching gig for extra money to travel and now it's my reason to travel...and has changed our entire lives! Feeling super grateful and reflective on this Sunday morning. 🙏🏼

And side note, London is watching Reading Rainbow! Remember that show?! 😍 🌈

Happy Sunday!



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