What Motivates Me To Work Out

Okay, this is going to sound really silly… Wanna know what motivates me to work out sometimes?!

TV! Particularly shows with warriors! 🙈😂⚔️

Sometimes I watch a show and get really inspired by the badassery and decide I’m going to push reeeaaallly hard in my next workout!

My latest Netflix obsession is Last Kingdom (I’m a HUGE fan of Viking shows!) and when I watch the warriors wield their swords and shields, I’m like, “yep, I’m going to wield my 8 lb dumbbells like those warriors tomorrow.” 🗡💪🏼

Then when I do my workout, I pretend as though I’m training for an epic battle and it’s life or death! I’m not even joking! ⚔️😂

Am I crazy? Or does anyone else do that?!

So two things for you:
1. If you want a warrior’s workout, do each of these exercises for 1 minute. Pretend like you’re prepping for an epic battle!

1. What are some of your fav shows right now?! I’m watching the FINAL episode of Last Kingdom tonight and I’ll need another show for motivation!