It’s amazing what can happen in a year!


Last year I was barely keeping it together, holding back the tears when I had to leave my baby to go to work as a teacher. 😭

This year my baby is part of everything I do and today I’m planning our international expansion and her first (of many) trips to the UK! Yes, London is going to London! 🇬🇧

A former co-worker recently emailed me and asked if I missed teaching and being back at school…ummm NOT AT ALL! 😂

My daughter is sleeping on me as I write this post, I’m spending the afternoon planning our UK meet & greet for our founding coaches, and then I get to chat with women ALL day and help them reach their full potentials! ❤️

I do more “teaching” and “planning” now than I ever did as a teacher. So that cup is filled, but I get to do it on MY terms WITH my baby by my side.

I think you can see the JOY on my face on the right…and the fake smile on the left! A picture says a thousand words, doesn’t it! 😉

I’m super grateful today and not taking a single second of my life and job for granted. 🙏🏼

Let's have an attitude of gratitude today! Share one thing you're grateful for below and I guarantee you'll get more of it. 👇🏼✨

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