I missed a really big and important goal yesterday and cried myself to sleep last night. And today I woke up feeling angry and frustrated and defeated. I was throwing myself a pity party (and in all honesty, planning on eating an entire pie…and I don’t really even like pie. 😫)

But my dear hubby and daughter snapped me out of it.

They reminded me of what matters most:
❤️clean water to drink
❤️warm water in to bathe in
❤️food to eat
❤️a safe home and neighborhood
❤️the ability to work from home and witness every moment of London’s life

And now I feel ridiculously silly for being SO upset about my first world problems when so many other people are lacking all the things I take for granted.

But I'm not giving up on my goals...I think God is telling me "it's not your time" because something better is in store. So I'm surrendering to His plan and trusting His timing…because His timing is forever accurate. ✨

Are you like me and immediately want to drown your sorrows in food?! Or do you lose your appetite when you’re upset? I’ll be honest, I wish the latter was true for me!