I used to LOVE the first day of school

I used to LOVE the first day of school - both as a student and as a teacher! New outfit, new notebooks, new pens, new lunchbox! 

But today, the day I WOULD be going back to the classroom, I have to say that my lifestyle coaching gig brings that first day excitement EVERY day and I'm not missing that "back to school" feeling at all! 

✖️No rushing out the door in the morning.
✖️No packing a lunch bag, computer bag, diaper bag, pumping bag.
✖️No tears as I leave my baby girl and go spend my days with other kids.

I set my schedule. I decide who I work with. My work attire is yoga pants and graphic tees. Does it get any better?!

I get:

✔️paid to work out and inspire other people to take care of themselves.
✔️to play on social media all day.
✔️to empower women to reach their full potentials every day.
How freaking COOL is that?! 🙌🏼

So instead of putting on my dress clothes and packing my lunch, I get to play in the grass with my daughter, enjoy lunch with HER, work while she sleeps and plays, then spend the afternoon planning our next overseas trip (which is actually a business trip-more details to come!) 😁 I'd say that's definitely better than being "back to school!" 😉

I've been getting a ton of messages saying, "what exactly is it that you do?" 🤔 So I'm hosting an informational group this week to share what I do and how I teach my mentees to do the same!

I'm looking for my next group of girl bosses, so if you have that feeling that you are made for more and would love to earn an income by getting in your best shape, helping other women be their best selves, and being aan "internet personality" (as my hubby calls it 😂), then please join here: http://bit.ly/Aug21SnkPk

And let's have some fun, show me your thoughts on the first day of school in a GIF below! 👇🏼 Excitement or diarrhea?!