Family Fitness Fun

When we’re inside, she only wants me.
When we’re outside, she only wants him. 😂

She kept grabbing his hand and walking him all over the yard. It was THE cutest thing ever and definitely made this workout more enjoyable! ❤️

That is the true definition of “family fitness fun” to me!

If you’re up for a little partner challenge, do each of these exercises for 1 minute and see who can survive! 👫

And this is the last call for my new virtual fit club kicking of tomorrow!!! EEEeeeek! I’m so excited! 👯👯👯

If you’ve been indulging in too many summer treats and need to whip your booty into shape (while living the 80% healthy, 20% indulgent rule), then I invite you to join me and ALL the women who are having tremendous success!

💜We'll work out in our own homes, but check into my private group for accountability each day
💜We’ll meal plan and prep (while still enjoying the foods we love - in moderation!)
💜We'll hold each other accountable
💜We'll laugh (and most likely pee ourselves OR laugh because we peed ourselves! 😉#momlife)
💜We’ll eliminate the excuses that held us back
💜We’ll get stronger, healthier, and happier TOGETHER!

If you’re interested in joining this amazing support system and completely transforming your body and mind, complete this application and I’ll email you!