It just hit me...

I don't have that summertime sadness because this is the FIRST year that I WON'T be returning to my teaching job! 😁😁😁 #PraiseJesus #LongLiveTheSummer

While all my teacher friends are getting ready to return to school, I get to continue creating my own schedule every day! #LifeByDesign

I've been a full-time lifestyle coach since January and I am filled with so much JOY each day! I still teach EVERY single day, I just teach women how to love themselves and love their lives. I actually feel like I do MORE teaching NOW than I ever did in a classroom. ❀️

Sure it was scary leaving a job I spent my entire life preparing for...but I'll be honest, I don't miss it one bit! There's no greater feeling than going to bed HAPPY on a Sunday and waking up EXCITED on a Monday.

I'm not fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom (I HAVE to work to pay off my student loan debt), so finding this gig was the greatest blessing. πŸ™πŸΌ

Being at home with this girl, empowering other women, and working on MY terms is a dream come true! So we're going to be all smiles this "school year!" 😁 #YouCanToo #HardWorkPaysOff

I'd love to know how many of you are working moms and how many are stay at home moms! I'm curious as to what the majority is! Please share!