Something you may not know...

Something you may not know is that I’ve struggled with weight my entire life…mainly because I bounced from fad diet to fad diet looking for that quick fix because I was unwilling to put in the work. If I heard the claim, “drop 20 lbs without exercise!” - I was IN! 🙈

I’d lose 10 lbs, get bored and hungry and sad, then quit and GAIN 20 lbs. Again and again and again. 😭

When I went to try on wedding gowns, I was almost 200 lbs and the sample sizes wouldn’t even fit. The entire back of that dress was untied and I was absolutely mortified.

Sure, I lost weight before my wedding, but immediately gained it back afterwards.

So what changed? How did I get to be that mom on stage—in a dress showing her legs (something I ALWAYS hid)? 💃🏻

The true success and change came when I found the community I belong to now. Those virtual groups I talk about almost every day—those were the secret sauce. 👯👯

In prior weight loss attempts, I felt depressed and alone. Like I was always missing out on something because I was “dieting.” Then I found these online groups of women who were also on the journey, making true lifestyle changes...and everything clicked! 💡

I get messages every day asking me how long it took me to lose the 75 lbs I lost after having my daughter…and the answer is a year. It was a steady process, NOT a quick fix gimmick.

But it WORKED because I never felt deprived, bored, sad, or alone (which is how I felt during EVERY previous weight loss attempt). ❤️

I also get messages asking how many hours I actually work out a day! The answer is 30 minutes, 5 times a week (usually holding my baby!). I swear!

I don’t cut carbs or fast or focus on ketos or anything crazy. I eat a balanced diet and enjoy a few treats here and there. I’m not 100% on point because I know that leads me falling off the wagon and bingeing. So if I want a treat, I have it. I just make sure I’m on point the rest of the day! 🍷🍫🥒🍓🥗

I’m at my lowest weight in my entire adult life (130ish- give or take few pounds each day 😉) and I’ve never felt stronger, healthier, and happier…and that’s AFTER having a baby! 🙌🏼

I WISH someone would have introduced this to me in my 20s because those years would have been so much better. But now I know and I want to help other women look and feel AH-MAZING!

I’m starting a new virtual fit club next Monday! You’ll get access to a COMMUNITY of other women so you don’t feel alone. You’ll get access to the workouts I do, the meal plans I follow, the superfoods that changed my whole life, and me! 👯👯👯

If you’d like to join us, please complete this application and I’ll be in touch >>>

Life is too short to be unhappy. Let me show you this way!

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