Current Mission: TONE it UP!

Now that I’ve lost over 75 lbs, I’m focusing my attention on building more muscle and getting stronger…even if the number on the scale goes UP! In fact, I might put the scale away because that little biatch is NOT an accurate measure of my progress!

Ya feel me?!

I started a new workout program today…and you guys, it’s a lot of FUN (I know, I can’t believe I just referred to a workout as fun 🙈😂!)!

I was tempted to go back and do the program that helped me lose all my weight (I’m like that- once I find something that works, I’m scared to do anything else and always go back to it), but then I started DREADING it. I knew what to expect and that sense of anxiety and boredom overcame me. 😭

So I decided to tap into my “Netflix of workouts” and select a new program that will get me excited (because I totally have workout ADD and need to keep things fresh in order to stay motivated!) 🙌🏼 Again, ya feel me?! I can’t be alone on this!

So here are 3 exercises from today’s workout you can try tonight!
-Side plank crunch
-Weighted Relevé Plié
-Boat to Plow

And of course, London D had to get involved and make me laugh! Workouts with her are just so much better! ❤️

So if you feel me and want in on the fun, I’m starting a brand new fitness group next week for ladies who are ready to make fitness fun! Whether you want to lose weight or tone up or improve your self-confidence or eat better, let’s do it TOGETHER!

If you’re interested in my workouts, meal plans, and virtual fit club, share your goals with me here and I’ll be in touch with more details >>> 👯👯