Jump All In, Be Scared, And Stick With It Until It Becomes Fun

"Jump all in, be scared, and stick with it until it becomes fun." || Gilmore Girls

Doesn’t that perfectly describe everything in life?! ✨

Moms, is it a normal toddler behavior to JUMP on everything?!

London is constantly jumping on ALL our furniture and saying “bouncy, bouncy, bouncy.” She even tries jumping on our poor dogs! 😂 Do your kiddos do this too?!

So I bought her a trampoline in the hopes that it would tire her out! LOL! But I made sure I got one that held BOTH of our weights…because mama likes a good trampoline jump too! 😉#SheGetsItFromHerMama

But in all seriousness, that quote perfectly describes my journey from broke a$$ teacher to full-time #momboss traversing the globe. ✈️

We finalized all our travel plans for our trip to the UK next week and I just can’t believe this is my life now. I used to FEAR travel because I was constantly worried that we were spending money we didn’t have on travel. But as soon as Sean took me on that first international trip, I was HOOKED. 😍

So a few years ago, I started this lifestyle coaching gig to earn some extra cash to be able to travel more. And now, here I am, launching my biz in the UK. How freaking cool is that?!

Sometimes life takes you to the most unexpected places. This was never my plan. But I’m sure as hell happy I ended up here.❤️

Yes, it’s ALWAYS scary at first. But you just have to jump in, feel the fear, and do it anyway.

THAT’s exactly what I did and it changed my whole dang life!✨

I’ve learned that fear is an indication of where you NEED to go. Because nothing worth having comes easy or without fear (kinda like childbirth 😉)!

I’m currently looking to fill 5 of my coach apprentice spots and teach other women how to create a successful online coaching business from home!👯

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▪️encouraging other women to be their best selves
▪️sharing 4 of your other passions on social media in order to be a light of positivity and love

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