My Mommy Tummy

REAL mom moment…

I was prepping my workout video for you gals when I saw my tummy hanging down in this clip. 😳

My first thought was, “Errrmygod! I’m definitely NOT sharing that.” 😵

Then I realized, this is REAL life.

Yes, I have abs when standing up.

But they "hang down low and wobble to and fro" when I plank after a weekend of too many treats.

I’m okay with it though because:

❤️that tummy skin protected and grew my precious daughter.

❤️that extra fluff is from a weekend of memories and delicious meals with my man.

So I’m not going to hide my imperfections. They are part of my story. And in my opinion, perfection is overrated and something I’m definitely NOT striving for.

If you’re grossed out, look away. Keep scrolling. Unfollow.

If you relate and love your imperfections too, give me a ❤ so I know who my tribe is!


Cheers to our incredible and imperfect bodies!