Control and Choice


Just writing our life goals…our daily morning ritual. 📝💕

But don’t be fooled, shortly after taking this picture, she drew on the wall and then laughed with a mischievous grin. 🤦🏻‍♀️You can see that picture in the comments below.👇🏼

Do your kiddos know exactly what to do to push your buttons?! For me, it’s writing on the wall! 😡 What’s yours?!

The one thing I keep thinking about lately is CHOICE. The privilege to say YES to things I want and NO to things I don't want.

I spent my first night away from my daughter this past weekend because I was away - speaking at an event for entrepreneurs. (And a big thanks to all the moms who pumped me up and gave me their love and support! 😘)

I kept thinking of how straight up angry I would've been if I was still working my j-o-b and had to leave her for a training event (which happened a LOT). I would've been bitching and moaning and temper tantruming because I was being forced to go. 😭

But instead, as my own boss, I was in CONTROL and I made the CHOICE to go speak at that event.

I can't help but think of how grateful I am for that FREEDOM of CHOICE. 🙏🏼

Was I scared to start this coaching gig? You betcha! Straight up terrified, but the one thing I've learned is that nothing great happens within comfort zones. ✨

I could've stayed in my average job, earning an average salary, with average vacation time, drowning in debt and stress.

But I told my fear to hop in the backseat and I took the wheel.

And that choice changed EVERY aspect of my life!

I started this gig just to earn extra money to travel and pay off my student loans…and here I am launching my biz in the UK this month! This gig is now my REASON to travel. It’s a dream come true. 🙌🏼

So dream big, ladies. Revisit your goals daily. And most importantly, take action!