Beachbody National Wake-Up Call



You know how I’ve been feeling super stressed lately?!

Its because of THIS! I wasn’t allowed to make a peep about the biggest accomplishment of my coaching career to date…until NOW! And here it is!

Every Monday morning there’s a conference call for 400K coaches and I have the honor of speaking on this call TOMORROW!

Wanna know WHY I’ve been so stressed about this call?

It’s NOT because I fear public speaking. In fact, public speaking is one of my strengths (it comes from my teaching career…because after years of standing in front of teenagers ALL day and teaching them Shakespeare, I can pretty much entertain ANY crowd without fear! 😂)

My stress came from my own limiting beliefs.

Because here’s the truth: speaking on this call has ALWAYS been a goal of mine, but NOT one I thought would happen so soon.

I NEVER EVER expected it to happen this year.

I thought it would *maybe* happen in a year or two…but definitely not now!

So when I was asked to present on this call, I was flooded with the thoughts that:

I’m not good enough.
I’m not ready.
I’m not worthy.

But God put me in this spot for a reason, so I’m going to trust His timing and His plan.

I’m going to swallow my fears, put on my big girl pants, and BRING IT! I’m sharing my best tips because I believe in being a river not a reservoir. I believe in helping others.

This coaching gig has changed my ENTIRE life and I’m determined to pay it forward and show others how to be just as successful. It is my duty.

Wish me luck!