London's London Outfits


The countdown to “London goes to London” is officially underway! ✈️ We leave next Wednesday and I’m focusing on the main priorities > her wardrobe! 😉

Look at these cute clothes I got her for our trip! 😍 Now I need to get her some Converse shoes... do you think I should go with pink 💗or black 🖤?!

I’m literally SO excited, I can’t sleep…hence the reason I’ve been staying up SO late EVERY night! 🙈

I’m meeting with some of my founding UK coaches, seeing some old and new friends who live over there, and introducing London to the magic of experiencing different cultures! ✨

I’m also hosting a sneak peek group to share what I do as a lifestyle coach and who I’m looking to welcome to my top team of life-changers! 👯

If you are in the US, Canada, or the UK, I’d love to share the details of how I changed my family’s life with this online gig! I know many of you are intrigued and wondering if you can do what I do, and the answer is YES - IF you are a go-getter who has a heart for helping other people and a desire to be your BEST self!

When people ask my husband what I do, he tells them I’m an “Internet personality” 😂😂😂. And while that’s kinda true, it’s SO much more than that! I make MORE of an IMPACT now than I ever did as a teacher. And I’ve never felt so fulfilled and excited to wake up each day!

So if you’re interested in learning more about how I can teach you to be a successful lifestyle coach AND want a behind the scenes look at our UK adventures, join here >>>

The group kicks off on Monday! Hope to see some go-getters there!