Clean Week: Day 3

LADIES! I bought these pants FIVE years ago and NEVER wore them until NOW! 💃🏻🙌🏼

Why?! Two reasons:
(1) they NEVER fit…they were like sausage casings. I literally couldn’t get them past the middle of my thighs

(2) even when I could get them on, I was too embarrassed to wear light colored pants (because I’ve always been SO self-conscious of my thick legs)

How many of you relate?!?! Have you ever kept a pair of pants in the HOPES of wearing them one day! Or am I the only one?!

So don’t mind me, I’m just gonna strut my stuff in these pants ALL day! 💁🏻

The #1 question I get from ladies is: how do I tone my legs?!

Well here are a few exercises from the workouts that have slimmed and sculpted my legs! Do each one for 60 seconds!

And of course, London demanded to be held (she was irrationally mad because I wouldn’t let her inhale obscene amounts of essential oils from a diffuser). 🙈 So don’t give me the excuse that you “have a needy baby.”

And in case you didn’t see my earlier post, I’m hosting a sneak peek group TOMORROW to share ALL the details of these workouts, meal plans, and groups…everything that helped me transform my entire body!

If you want to check out the info and see if this amazingness is for you, comment below and I’ll message you with the link to the info group! 👇🏼👇🏼