When Coffee Meets Superfoods ☕️ 🥒 😍


I think the greatest impact motherhood has had on me is my ability to operate on minimal sleep!

Anyone else agree?! 😂

I stayed up until 5 AM working on a super secret project (that I’m not allowed to announce for a few days 😭), creating new content for my upcoming fit clubs 💃🏻, and chatting with new friends in the UK ❤️!

Meanwhile, BEFORE becoming a mom and coach, I used to fall asleep at 8 PM every night and sleep until 7 AM!

Now I have a legit problem: I’m addicted to success and creating COMMUNITIES for women just like me! 👯👯👯 I'm obsessed with what I do.

So today I’m doubling up on my superfoods - to boost my immunity for our upcoming trip to Europe AND to keep me going like the Energizer bunny because I have a super busy day! 🌱🌱 This frappucino is the equivalent of 7 salads, but tastes like a fancy Starbucks treat! 🙌🏼

Meanwhile those two back there are being super lazy...the toddler and pug life! Living the dream! 😂

Sending my love to all the sleep-deprived moms out there! You’ll get used to it! 😉