When Your Toddler Refuses To Nap...


...then falls asleep on the way to the park...you take a moment to enjoy the sunshine and silence! 😍 Best ever, right?! 🙌🏼

As we were leaving our house, an older neighbor said, "you're so lucky to be a stay at home mom."

And I'm like, "yeah but I also run a wildly successful business from home...so there's that too." 💃🏻😂💁🏻

Here's the deal: I'm not fortunate enough to be a SAHM...I have multiple degrees to pay off, so I HAVE to work.

But even if I didn't HAVE to work, I'd still run this coaching biz because as much as I LOVE being at home with London, I NEED something that's just mine, something that allows me to use all my degrees (but in MY way), something that connects me with other likeminded go-getter ladies, something that allows me to be creative, and most importantly, something that allows me to be in CONTROL of my time.

Oh and I also like being able to spend money as I wish! 😉

And this gig does all that.

So my neighbors may never understand what I do, but that's okay. I've got a good thing going for me and don't need anyone to understand it. ❤️

Now it's time to enjoy this sunshine and quiet before my sweet toddler terror wakes up! 😉