Mom Tip Monday: Hospital Bag Checklist

Today's tip is for the expecting moms!

Wondering what to bring to the hospital? Let me help you!

Sean and I are notoriously light packers. We've traveled around the world with just a small carry-on each, but when it came time to pack our hospital bag, I lost my damn mind and somehow ended up with an entire car trunk FULL of luggage! No exaggeration! 

When I was packing my own bagS (emphasis on the plural), I created a fancy schmancy hospital bag checklist to share with other expecting moms. After pushing out the babe, I decided to scrap it... because I'll be real: ALL that shit is unnecessary. 

So here's what I recommend:

1. A pretty robe for yourself. 
I got this gorgeous robe from PinkBlush Maternity and am quite obsessed with it! I packed a ton of clothes so I could look presentable for guests and baby photos. But guess what? I never touched them! I wore this robe the entire time because it was easy to nurse in, still covered my swollen belly, made me feel somewhat attractive after 10.5 hours of an unmedicated delivery, and looked lovely in photos! 

In the hospital

In the hospital



And it was perfect at home too! {In fact, I still wear it every day!}

2. Basic toiletries. 
Don't even bother bringing makeup. Just don't. It's the last thing you'll want to touch. 

3. Two outfits and a cute blanket for baby. 
I literally brought an entire suitcase of baby clothes, blankets, and accessories. London stayed swaddled in the hospital blankets her first day, wore a onesie and pink blanket for pictures on the second day, then an outfit for the car ride home. The other 18 outfits were untouched. 

4. Phone & charger.
Because you'll want to take oodles of pictures of videos! 

That's it! 

I wore the same clothes to and from the hospital. I didn't touch my shower sandals. I didn't wear anything else in the hospital. 

So my advice is to keep it simple and invest in one robe that will make you feel comfortable and like the superwoman you are!