Monday Mashup: What I'm Eating This Week

Happy Monday, folks!

I'm finishing up another round of the 21 Day Fix and feeling great! I'm continually amazed by what can happen in just 3 weeks!

I will admit that it's hard to deal with the pregnancy weight gain. Despite working out and eating well every day, I've gained about 30 pounds so far...and my goal was to only gain 25. But I know it's a necessarily evil and I'm embracing it. My hunger has definitely kicked in and I want to eat ALL day; but I've been sticking to my meal plan and making healthy choices. I do have an extra treat here and there (mainly peanut butter pretzels...I know, not the healthiest option), but they're organic and free of preservatives! ;)

I grew up with Italian grandparents who indulged in coffee and dessert every night at 9 PM, so my #1 struggle is avoiding the kitchen after dinner! My mother ate sweets the entire time she was pregnant with me (as in a whole pie herself) and my entire childhood was filled with freshly baked homemade desserts, so the need for sugar is basically in my DNA!

In order to combat these cravings, Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Tea has been saving my life! I have it every night after dinner and it hits the spot. It doesn't even need sweetener or cream, it's delish as is. 


So here's what I'm eating this week:

Download the file here

Here are some of my workout photos from last week:

And I'm super pumped to announce that the 21 Day Fix is on sale again this month! Wohooo! Contact me if you want more info! 

What are you eating this week?

Have a fabulous Monday!