Choose to Make NOW the Right Time: Have you Found your Calling?

Have you found your calling yet? It only took me 31 years, but I know I've finally found what I was put on this earth to do. 

I've officially been a Beachbody Coach for 10 months and my life has honestly never been better. What started as a hobby, as a way to share how I lost 60+ pounds with others, as an extra source of income to pay off my mounting student loan debt, has become so so so much more. 

Coaching has permeated every aspect of my life and I want to share this phenomenal experience with others. 

What I do as a coach: 

Spending a saturday morning supporting challengers and coaches

Spending a saturday morning supporting challengers and coaches

It's actually quite funny how I use more of my teaching skills as a Beachbody Coach than I do as an actual educator in a K-12 school! 

In a nutshell, here's what I do:

I run monthly online accountability groups.

  • I teach participants how to reach their health and fitness goals through daily lessons and assignments.
  • I support, encourage, and motivate my participants on a daily basis.
  • I offer feedback and tough love when necessary.

I coach individuals 1-1.

  • I help my participants meal plan, find healthier alternatives to their favorite foods, and monitor their progress weekly. 

I mentor coaches on my team.

  • I run New Coach Training Academies monthly.
  • I hold 1-1 mentoring calls with my coaches, their coaches, and their coaches. 
  • I teach my coaches how to duplicate my systems and processess so they can be successful.
  • I host weekly team trainings that focus on developing leadership skills, mastering social media, expanding your network, and more.

How I earn an income:

I was able to buy this very expensive stroller with 2 weeks of beachbody earnings

I was able to buy this very expensive stroller with 2 weeks of beachbody earnings

Beachbody coaching is suprisingly lucrative. In just 10 months, I have almost matched my teaching salary! I never focus on the income though, my husband handles our finances and I rarely check my commissions. But every Thursday is payday in Beachbody land and my husband proudly announces what I earned each week and we do a little happy dance in our kitchen!

To put it into perspective:
In my 10th month, I doubled what I made in my 5th month. I am on track to double that income in my 15th month, which will put me well above my "real" job's salary! What's even more exciting is that I'll be able to retire my husband soon too. Every day I visualize what it will be like to both be at home with our daughter, working together, changing lives, and living debt-free. Can you picture that in your future any time soon? Or are you and your spouse bound to your 9-5 jobs, forced to put your kids in daycare, and live paycheck to paycheck for the forseeable future?

I make a 25% commission off anything anyone purchases through my Beachbody site. I don't handle any products, I don't sell things out of my car, and I don't push items on people! Beachbody coaching is about SHARING not selling. It's about living a healthy and fulfilling life and inspiring others to do the same. Which is why I LOVE it! 

I also make weekly team bonuses based on the volume my team achieves. No, this is not a pyramid scheme! My income is a direct reflection of the lives I impact each day, week, and month. My bonuses are entirely dependant on how well I am supporting my team and helping them to succeed. I would not benefit from signing up coaches and leaving them  hanging. Instead, the more I focus on their success, the more successful I become. How awesome is that?!

Coach Successes:

The coaches on my team are fueled with ambition to fire their bosses, pay off their debt, and stay at home with their children. Many of have already paid off credit cards, been able to take a vacation, and provide their children with extras that simply weren't possible before coaching. 

Every day I wake up with a fire in my belly to help more people find self-confidence, financial freedom, and purpose.

Why NOW is the time:

You will NEVER have enough time. You will always be juggling a million responsibilities. You will always have an excuse as to why you shouldn't start. 

You need to CHOOSE to make THIS the RIGHT time. It's kinda like having kids: you'll never have enough time or just do it! 

The best time to become a coach is actually right NOW. Why? Because you'll master the basics, you'll begin to grow your network...and when January 1st rolls around and "the resolution effect" comes into play, everyone will be looking for ways to lose weight and get healthy. And guess what? You'll be there and ready to help them! 

So don't wait for the new year to become a new you. The longer you wait, the longer you'll be suffering at that job you hate and tearing your children away from your legs at the daycare drop off. 



In addition to wanting to help others, most people become coaches because they are fed up with:

  • working to LIVE (meaning the only reason they show up to work is because they HAVE to).
  • waiting for the weekends and DREADING Monday mornings.
  • getting SICK over the thought of reporting to their cubicle, classroom, or office for the next 2-3 decades. 
  • asking PERMISSION to take a sick, personal, or vacation day. 
  • wasting the PRIME years of their life building someone else's dream.

Beachbody Coaching offers the ability to:

  • set your own hours
  • be your own boss
  • spend as much time as you wish with your family 
  • help people get healthy and happy
  • choose your co-workers
  • be truly HAPPY every single day

I know I'm not a full-time coach YET...but believe me, the future is looking BRIGHT after less than ONE year of balancing lots of responsibilites!

For those who don't know:

  • I work a full-time job.
  • I'm a full-time doctoral candidate, taking courses year-round.
  • I'm writing my dissertation (on building efficacy and social support in online accountability groups).
  • I'm growing a human from scratch (my baby girl is due in February 2016).
  • I'm growing a thriving Beachbody business and incredibly successful team. 

If I can do ALL of those things at once...why can't you?!

Worried about what people will think of you? Don't. 

Worried about what people will think of you? Don't. 

Yes, I've made some sacrifices: early mornings, late nights, and weekends spent on the computer. But these short-term sacrifices pale in comparison to the long-term rewards I will reap. 


Do I have to be a fitness or nutrition expert?
Nope! You are a support and accountability partner.

Do I need a huge network?
Nope! I'll teach you how to grow your network intentionally and strategically to attract like-minded people. 

Do I have to be in my best shape or at my goal weight?
Nope! Being a coach is about being on a journey and sharing what you're doing with others in order to inspire them to make positive changes in their own lives. 


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*Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. Statement of Independent Coach Earnings.