Calls, Calls, Calls: Prioritizing and Tracking

As virtual educators, making, prioritizing, and tracking calls with students is one of our main responsibilities. But what are the best ways to accomplish these vital tasks?

In the third Work it Wednesday! workshop, three veteran teachers shared their tips and tricks for scheduling, tracking, and prioritizing daily calls. 

Mike Micco shared how he uses Doodle to get students to sign up for call times. 

Find his tutorial for setting up an online scheduler here. 


Becky Smolens shared how she tracks her call cycles and provided these documents for others to try.

Download here

Download here. 

Andrew Gehman shared his infamous ExHAL spreadsheet, which automatically generates a list of students to call each day. 
Please contact Andrew for his latest and greatest version!

CCA teachers: Please contact me for the recording!

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