Organization: Finding a System that Works for You!

In today's digital world, I think we all struggle with that old school/new school battle. 


Do we take handwritten notes or type on our tablets? 

Do we create old fashioned to-do lists on paper or utilize the plethora of digital tools available at our fingertips?

I know that for me, this is a constant internal debate. 

As virtual educators, we are faced with this dilemma every single day.  So I enlisted the help of some savvy online teachers and asked them to share their best organizational strategies. 

Lisa Dolder shared how she uses OneDrive. 

  • When you send a document to a student or upload one to your message board, it is what it is. If you make later changes to that document, you are required to resend or repost it. 
  • Using OneDrive (or Dropbox) allows you to update documents while providing students access to those changes. You simply send them the link to the document or folder and when you make changes, the document is automatically updated (you don't even need to resend or repost the link).
  • Unlike Google Drive, OneDrive does not impact the formatting of Microsoft Office documents. 


Anna Bridgen's explained her LiveLesson recording strategy.

Check out Anna's strategy for organizing her LiveLesson recordings in a simple and visual way here. 


Andrea Azzalina's shared how she stays organized with her calendar (among many other things). 



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Explore the organizational strategies our stellar attendees shared:

CCA teachers: Please contact me for the recording! 

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Cheers to an organized year!