Pacifiers, Clips, and Sleepers...oh my!


Hey there, mama!

I plan on doing another blog post with ALL my favorite things, but for now I’ll keep it simple and share 3 daily essentials: pacifiers, clips, and sleepers!

(Oh and these are my honest opinions- this is NOT a collaboration post with any of these brands!)



I did lots of research before landing on these gems! I waited too long to give London a pacifier (4 or 5 weeks) and then she NEVER took one…which made car rides unbearable and my body a constant pacifier (which is probably why I couldn’t wean her until she was 2 years old)! So I was determined to get baby #2 to take one…but I was very choosy about which ones I wanted to try!

I asked lots of breastfeeding moms for recommendations before Bennett came along and I settled on two main pacifiers to try:

1. Bibs

2. Cutie PAT



Cutie PAT

Cutie PAT

We started with the Cutie PAT around 3 weeks (I was still cautious and followed the advice to wait a while to avoid nipple confusion). He liked the Cutie PAT, but then we lost it (I’m pretty sure my toddler put it down our furnace vent 🙈)…and I had only bought one to try {oops!}.


So then I tried the Bibs pacifier and it was a WINNER! So we’ve been using those ever since and I highly recommend them!

Bibs company description: The nipple is made from 100% natural rubber, and the soft material closely resembles the feel of mamas’ skin, allowing your baby to transition seamlessly on and off the mother's breast from eating to self-soothing.

Cutie PAT company description: The pacifier features a flat, symmetrical nipple. Cutie PAT's one piece design is seamless, from end to end. Its large round shield mimics the comfort of mother's breast to soothe baby.

Pacificer Clips

1. Ryan & Rose Cutie Clip

The same company that makes the Cutie PAT Pacifier makes amazing clips that I LOVE!

2. Tulamama Clip

And my other favorite brand is Tulamama! (Note: the Tulamama one is longer than the Ryan and Rose one and the beads are bigger.)

Tulamama Clips

Tulamama Clips

Cutie Clips

Cutie Clips

Cloud Island Sleepers


I bought so many cute outfits for Bennett and he never wore 90% of them! I should have learned my lesson after doing the same thing with my first, but it’s just so dang HARD to resist those cute baby clothes! Am I right?!

When you’re in the thick of the newborn stage and just trying to survive, you go with the easiest and comfiest outfits…like sleepers! I bought several different brands of sleepers and here are my reviews:

1. Cloud Island (from Target)- hands down, my favorite! They unzip from the bottom up…which means I don’t have to expose his chest or tummy to the cold air when I change his diaper! I can just unzip his legs and pull them out! Plus they are super soft and true to size!

2. Carter’s - I do like the Carter’s sleepers and don’t really have anything negative to say! But because they don’t unzip from the bottom up, the Cloud Island ones are my top choice!

3. Old Navy - I loved the simplicity and softness of Old Navy sleepers but they became too small too quickly (even though they are the same size as the other brands). Bennett’s feet no longer fit and they’re just too small after only a few washes!

4. Burt’s Bees - You know when you put a pony tail holder on your wrist and it’s too tight and leaves a deep indentation that’s kinda sore? Yeah?! Okay, well Burt’s Bees sleepers have elastic behind the ankle (I assume to keep the feet in the feet) which leaves a deep indent in the ankle…that I assume is sore! Plus they are really tight on the arms and wrists. So as much as I wanted to love these, I don’t!

So there you have it! I hope this helps and I’ll be sure to share reviews of all my other favorite and not-so-favorite baby items!

Links to my Favs:

Bibs Pacifier

Cutie PAT Pacifier

Ryan & Rose Cutie Clip

Tulamama Clip

Cloud Island Sleepers (from Target)

Happy Mommin’