3 Things I Used in Disney with an Infant


Well my prince survived his first trip to Disney and he did amazing! 👑 He slept through most of it, but I got so many snuggles wearing him all day that it was a magical bonding experience for both of us! 💙 {{And I’m so happy I exercised throughout my entire pregnancy because wearing a baby and a diaper bag 12+ hours a day in the Florida heat is NOT easy!}}

I didn’t bring/rent a stroller for him. He literally stayed in the carrier the entire time. I let him stretch out in the baby care centers and in the booths at the restaurants.

To answer the questions I keep getting in my stories…

3 infant must-haves for Disney


1. Lillebaby Carrier

The carrier I used is the Lillebaby Complete All Seasons (it doesn’t require an infant insert and is super supportive and comfortable for mom & baby. London basically LIVED in that carrier for the first two years of her life and I didn’t have any issues wearing baby Bennett ALLLL day in the parks)! 


2. Dockatot

For sleeping, I brought our DockATot which gives me piece of mind when he’s sleeping in the bed with us. The DockATot prevents the baby from rolling out of the bed and the parents from rolling onto the baby in the middle of the night!


3. Woombie

Additionally for sleeping, the Woombie swaddle which mimics the traditional swaddle without the hassle of trying to get all the corners tucked in right. Trust me, after a long day of walking around the parks, the last thing you want to do is fuss with wrapping the baby up like a chipotle burrito! We just zipped him up and he slept just as well in those as he sleeps at home in our very expensive bassinet!



Here’s the links to these things if you want to check them out! (And I’m not in cahoots with these companies! {I wish! Haha!} I’m literally just sharing them because I love them.)