Insanity Max 30: Day 2

Today’s workout was interrupted by:

  • SEVERAL rounds of “Ring Around the Rosie”
  • Snack breaks
  • Dogs trying to steal said snacks
  • Toddler bodies slammed against my face

But I welcomed each and every interruption because motherhood is such a gift. 💗

I know of so many women trying to have babies, so I’m constantly reminding myself of how blessed I am to have a healthy {and rambunctious} toddler to work out with!

I guarantee you this, I NEVER would have lost the 75 lbs I’ve lost if it wasn’t for the ability to work out WITH her at HOME.

She’s been a stage 5 clinger since day 1 — and sure, maybe I enabled that a little — but I could never leave her in a gym daycare because she would of screamed the entire time I was boring myself to death on the treadmill and counting the minutes until I was done.

So today I’m feeling all kinds of gratitude:

  • for a baby who needs me just as much as I need her
  • for at-home programs that WORK
  • for a daughter who is THE reason I push play every day

And now on a somewhat different topic- what are your kids’ favorite snacks? I need to get some new treats for her!