When It's 85 Degrees In September...

When it's 85 degrees in September and you love your new body, you put on your swimsuit and celebrate your progress over the past year! 💃🏻

But I'm kinda ready for fall temps, autumn candles, and cute clothes! Who's with me?! I feel like there's a cult of fall lovers and I'm totally one of those pumpkin-loving, Ugg boot-wearing, basic chicks! 💁🏻

And wanna know what I realized as I was snapping these pics today?

The old Ashly NEVER let anyone see her body in a bathing suit. I asked my family to dig up some old pics of me and they couldn't find any! 🙈

But here I am posting these pics for all the world to see! 😂

Yesterday someone told me she's afraid to lose weight because she doesn't want saggy skin. Yep, I totally get that fear! 😭

But I'm proof that you CAN lose the weight AND the skin. I lost 75 lbs and gained MUSCLE- that's why my skin isn't saggy! 💪🏼

If I had done what the old Ashly would've done {some crazy fad diet with NO exercise}, I guarantee I'd have a different body right now- with lots of loose skin!

I don't have a perfectly fit body because I drink a glass of wine almost every night {it's survival #momlife}, I eat pizza once a week, I have dessert a few times a week. I enjoy things I love. 😍

But I also work out 5 days a week, drink a superfood shake for breakfast 7 days a week, eat a salad {even though I hate it} 6 days each week, and drink a gallon of water a day.

It's all about balance. THAT is how I've had long-lasting success and enjoyed the journey!

So I'm opening up 10 spots in my Turn Over A New Leaf Virtual Fit Club! 🍂 I'll be sharing my favorite healthy fall recipes so you can have your pumpkin spice AND results too! You get my workouts, nutrition plans, superfoods, virtual community of like-minded women, and me!

If you're ready to turn over a new leaf and enjoy the fall fun, complete this app and I'll be in touch! http://bit.ly/RockTheMomBod