Happiness is… having a coffee by yourself


Listen, I am completely infatuated with my daughter. We spend EVERY single second together since I get to work from home and we co-sleep and she naps on my boob!

But lately I’ve been feeling a little suffocated…if that makes sense. Like I never get a moment to breathe or think without someone touching me. 🙈 Anyone relate?

So today I left Sean on daddy duty and I went to Panera to plan my Girlboss Apprenticeship and enjoy my coffee in peace!

My own mother didn’t raise me, so I have this issue with leaving London, even if it’s only for a few hours. But today I needed to get OUT by myself.

And I feel so refreshed and productive. Now I’m heading home to give them my undivided attention! ❤️

So if you want to join the fun that I’ve been planning, I have two options for you:

If you simply want to learn about what I do as a coach and how you can do this too, join my info group here >>> http://budurl.com/GlimpseIntoCoachLife

And if you want to give the coach life a one week trial and see what it’s like to get paid to workout at home, post about it on social media, and inspire other women to get healthy and happy, check out the details of my Girlboss Apprenticeship here:


Happy Saturday, ladies! Cheers to coffee and peace!