Ultimate Reset: Day 8

Day 8: Best day yet!

Heyyy friends! Today was the best day yet! 

-I'm down 5 lbs (and I went into this hoping to lose a total of 5 lbs over the course of 3 weeks)
-Sean lost 4 lbs
-Our headaches are gone
-We're feeling energized

I spoke at an event today and got a little hungry while I was there (since I didn't bring my lunch salad with me), but I ate as soon as I got home and felt great! 

I'm still freeeeezing! We actually had our heat turned up to 75 F today and were still cold! 

Phase 2 begins a Detox supplement, but I am NOT taking this because I am breastfeeding! The toxins that are released through this supplement can be passed through the breastmilk, so I am skipping this supplement altogether. The hubby is using it though and he said it's like a fiber drink. He'll drink it 3x per day, before each meal.


Here's what I ate today:

First thing: 24 oz water with Mineralize and Optimize supplements

30 minutes later: Breakfast - Fresh fruit plate (3 cups of fruit!)


2 hours later: Mineralize and Optimize supplements
30 minutes later: Lunch - Microgreen salad with avocado


2 hours later: Power Greens powder with water

30 minutes later: Snack - Vegan Chocolate Shakeology + banana + peanut butter
{{OHMYGOSH! Vegan Vanilla and Vegan Cafe Latte are being released on Monday! I am ordering those for sure!!!}}


2 hours later: Mineralize, Optimize, Soothe supplements
30 minutes later: Dinner - Pinto beans and rice, steamed green beans, steamed zucchini
{{The pinto beans and rice were decent, but those steamed veggies were rough!}}


See you tomorrow! 

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